The Lucam units are provided with the OJ automatic; it controls the complete unit. From frost-protection for the counter-flow plate exchanger to controlling the bypass and that of the ventilators. As a standard, all units are provided with volume/airflow regulation, because of which the balance in the ventilation need is guaranteed. Even if the filters are polluted. Each air flow desired can be set within the reach of the unit.

The regulation can be reset very simply with the remote control, with your laptop, or with a computer. For the operation with the laptop or computer no separate software is needed, since this is possible via the network connection to a web-based connection via your own browser. The menu structure is clear and transparent. The access per user is blocked with several levels.

A clear and transparent overview of the unit is also available for the end user. All data is listed in it: air flow, temperatures, controlling ventilators, set point setting, position of the

by-pass damper, and current status of the combined cooler/heater (change-over). The current pressure loss of the filters is available as well, on the condition that this option is included in the unit.

Demand ventilation is also possible based on CO2, air quality, pressure loss, or air humidity. Each unit is secured internally, and fully wired up to the work switch. As an option, controlling a three-way valve for cooler, heater, or change-over battery with release of a pump is possible. This is only a small selection. We are happy to inform you on the various options.

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