The Lucam air handling units are constructed of an aluminium unit profile in which the panels are included. These are blocked by means of a wedge. This sandwich panel was developed by Lucam.

The unit is provided with an indoor and outdoor plate, with rock wool insulation in between. The indoor consists of a highly corrosion-proof magnesium zinc galvanised plate. The outdoor plate is galvanised and coated in the RAL 7000 colour. The insulation applied between the plates consists of high compression mine­ral wool 110kg/m³ in accordance with EN 1602. That stands for a very high thermal and acoustic insulation and is furthermore non-flammable (in accordance with the NEN-EN 13501-1, class A1 standard).

The full construction of the unit complies with the specification in accordance with DIN EN 1886:

  • Thermal transmission class T2
  • Cold bridge class TB2
  • Tightness class B/L2
  • Mechanical characteristics 2A/D1
  • Filters tightness class B