Version HRW units, units equipped with high-efficiency sorption heat exchanger

The following components are included in the basic HRW units:

Supply filter class F7
Exhaust filter class G4
High-efficiency sorption heat wheel
High efficiency EC technology fans, electronically controlled direct current motor
Fully integrated control
Designs and options Lucam HRW units with sorption heat exchanger

HRW units are available in four designs:

HRW standard, flow rate from 3,000 to 30,000 m³ / h
HRW-V, unit with all connections on top, flow rates of 3,000 and 4,500 m³ / h
HRW-IC standard, flow rate from 3,000 to 30,000 m³ / h including integrated cooling
HRW-HP standard outdoor installation with heat pump outdoor unit (maximum 50 kW)

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The standard design includes a counter-flow exchanger with an efficiency of up to 90 percent. As a standard, all HCP-units are provided with a full bypass, and they are fully wired, including re­gulation. The basic filters are G4 in the extract and F7 in the supply.

Design of HCP-units units provided with high-efficiency counter-flow plate exchanger

The standard HCP-units include the following components:

  • Supply filter class F7

  • Extract filter class G4

  • High-efficiency seawater-proof aluminium counter-flow exchanger

  • High-efficiency EC technology ventilators, electronically controlled direct current engine

  • Fully integrated automatic

Constructions and options for the HCP-units with counter-flow plate exchanger

The HCP-units are available in eight constructions:

  • HCP standard: airflow from 800 to 16,800 mA/h

  • HCP S: slim design, fits through standard door opening, airflow from 800 to 3,600 mA/h

  • HCP V: unit with all connections on top, air flow from 800 to 3,200 mA/h

  • HCP C: flat unit for on the ceiling, airflow from 800 to 2,300 m³/h

  • HCP B: basic ventilation unit fixed construction, at a competitive price from 800 to 2,300 m³/h

  • HCP WM: ventilation unit as wall model, 600 and 800 mA/h

  • HCP HP: ventilation unit in an outdoor setting, complete with heat pump (maximum 50 kW)

  • HCP IC: standard series, air flow from 800 tot 16,800 m³/h including fully integrated cooling system

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Project-based cabinets type LPK

In the project cabinets (the LPK) almost everything is possible in the field of air treatment. In this range we can make specific solutions for, for example, adiabatic cooling, specific solution for defense and rooftop power stations for large restaurant chains. But also for specific industrial solutions.

Lucam can deliver these total packages ready to use. Whether it concerns the control, complete cooling installation, central heating or the solar collectors; everything can be made to measure.

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The Lucam units are equipped with the OJ regulation; it controls the entire unit. From the frost protection for the counter-flow plate heat exchanger to the control of the bypass and that of the fans. All units are equipped with a volume / flow control as standard, which guarantees a balance in the ventilation requirement. Even if the filters are dirty. Any desired flow rate can be set within the range of the unit.

The control is extremely easy to adjust with the remote control, with a laptop or computer. No separate software is required for operation with a laptop or computer, because a web-based connection is possible via your own browser via the network connection. The menu structure is clear and uncluttered. Access per user is blocked with different levels.

A clear, clear overview of the unit is also available to the end user. All data is stated in it: air flow, temperatures, fans control, setpoint setting, position of the bypass valve, current status of the combined cooler / heater (change over). The current pressure loss across the filters is also available, provided this option is included in the unit.

Demand-dependent ventilation is also possible on the basis of CO2, air quality, pressure loss or air humidity. Each unit is internally fused and fully wired up to the isolation switch. Optionally, control of a three-way valve for cooler, heater or change over coil with release of a pump is possible. This is just a selection from the selection. We would like to inform you about the possibilities.

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