About us

Lucam: for a pleasant indoor climate

For a fresh and pleasant indoor climate, not only ventilation is important. Temperature and air humidity play an equally imporĀ­tant role. Already since 2009, Lucam develops and manufactures energy-saving air handling units that comply with the latest requirements.

The ventilators in our units have a low energy use. Furthermore the heat recovery from the discharge air is maximal. And therewith our products comply with the highest requirements in the field of energy saving and use. This is an important requirement when designing new buildings or a renovation. The same applies to balanced ventilation. Not only for a pleasant indoor climate, but also to prevent moisture accumulation and mould. This is something we take into account when manufacturing our air handling units.

The sales of our systems run through dealers. Delivery under private label is usual. Lucam fully supports the dealers in order to implement the products at a commercial and technical level in an organisation. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have all knowledge and disciplines available.