The intelligent HVAC controller with RS485 Modbus communication

OJ Air2 Master is a custom made and flexible controller, specifically designed for ventilation systems. It has a built-in web server with intelligent interface and a simple and attractive user interface, which allows optimal energy consumption control. OJ Air2 Master is financially attractive in association with complex ventilation units. It is a simple and reliable automation unit, which has been developed based on specialised technical competence and application knowledge.

  • Specifically designed for ventilation systems
  • Built-in web server with simple and intelligent interface
  • Simple and reliable

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Functional description




OJ-Air2-HMI-35T is a user-friendly control panel for installation within an air handling unit or on the wall in a room. The panel is used together with an OJ-Air2Master.

OJ-Air2-HMI-35T has been developed by interaction designers, resulting in easy and intuitive operation. The menus are logical, easy to navigate and have easily recognisable symbols.

OJ-Air2-HMI-35T is used for the commissioning and everyday operation of the air handling unit and in connection with service. All system values can be seen while the settings are password protected.

  • OJ Air2 compatible
  • Intuitive user interface
  • 3.5” colour touchscreen
  • Countersunk wall mounting
  • QuickPlug™ installation

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Lüftungsanlage für Schulen im Bild

TKI-Projektkonsortium, TNO, Lucam-Air, VFA Solutions: SchoolVent für eine gesunde Lernumgebung!

TNO hat das Schoolvent-Projekt zur Entwicklung und praktischen Erprobung eines Lüftungssystems gestartet, das für die (Renovierung von) Schulen und Kindertagesstätten geeignet ist und 80% weniger Energiekosten für Kühlung und Filterung verursacht. Smart Sensoring muss in dieses System eingebaut werden, um Abweichungen von einem Raumklima der Klasse A zu melden.

Die angewandten Kühl- und Filtertechniken leisten einen wichtigen Beitrag zur Reduzierung der benötigten Kühl- und Lüftungsenergie in Gebäuden und ermöglichen so energieneutrale oder energieliefernde Gebäude. Neben Schulen und Kindertagesstätten ist langfristig der größte Markt für Büros vorgesehen.

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Simple and scalable

The standard configuration is simple control of two fans and heat recovery with a 0-10V signal. Pre-programmed options and automatic configuration with QuickPlug™ modbus components make it easy to fulfil a clients needs for more advanced fan regulation, filter monitoring or temperature regulation with a 0-10V controlled heating and/or cooling surface.

Free OJ Air Cloud®

When AHC-3000 is connected to the internet the user has free access to central monitoring and optimisation of the operation from a personal OJ Air Cloud® account. Access can be shared with others, e.g. a service partner for quick and effective service.

BasicBMS and remote units

In buildings with decentralised ventilation there are many ventilation systems to service and maybe several in the same room. With BasicBMS 25 rooms can easily be monitored from a common 3.5” panel, and the satellite function automatically coordinates the operation of 14 remote units in every single room.

  • Simple and scalable
  • Free OJ Air Cloud®
  • Touch Screens
  • BasicBMS and remote units
  • Modbus TCP/IP and RTU
  • QuickPlugTM modbus


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Intuitive touch operation

Want to change the temperature setting? Then simply tap the temperature shown on the screen and enter the new setpoint. It has never been easier, and the entire menu system is designed according to the same principle.

No secrets

All values are visible to everyone, and a complete overview of system operation is provided for users in clear displays. Settings which are only of relevance for installers and service technicians are, however, password protected.

Simple installation

AHC-3000-HMI-35T is connected to the OJ Air AHC 3000 via Quick Plug™ Modbus, eliminating time-consuming installation faults and troubleshooting. The software is automatically updated to the latest AHC-3000 version. You therefore always have the right version in stock, because there is only one.

• OJ Air AHC-3000 compatible
• Intuitive user interface
• 3.5” colour touchscreen
• Countersunk wall mounting
• QuickPlug™ installation


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HCP E en HRW E, ventilations Geraten gegen gunstige Preis

Lucam präsentiert ein neue Serien luftungs Geraten, günstige Preis, snelle liefer Termien. Die HCP E, mit gegenstroom Tauscher. Die HRW E mit rotations warme Tauscher.

Die HCP E und HRW E sind modulair aus zu bauen mit optionen als Erwarmer, Kuhler, Change over, Warmepump und schall Dampfer. Mit deze neue Serien präsentieren wir auch die neue Reglung von OJ Electronics. De neue Regler die AHC 3000 ist ein moderne Regler standaard mit Cloud Kopplung. Alle Konfigurationen sind zu Konfigurieren in unsere Selectionsprogram. Emmeloord, 6-11-2019



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